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Under the Ramadan Moon – Ramadan Book Review

Since Ramadan 2017 I have been wanting to start Children's Ramadan Book Review Series and alhamdulillah finally here I am writing the first post of those Series, with hope for many others to come in future in sha ALLAH. "Under the Ramadan Moon" was among the first Ramadan book collection I got for Ruqaiya. She… Continue reading Under the Ramadan Moon – Ramadan Book Review

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Our Home Library

Books! Books! Books! As a mom who is against screen time and wants to homeschool her children books are my biggest tool Alhamdulillah. By the will of ALLAH I have been able to collect a few good ones in past two years for my two little muslimahs. Alhamdulillah many around us have shown interest in… Continue reading Our Home Library

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Thoughts – The Miracle Worker

Recently I watched The Miracle Worker movie, which is based on the story of Helen Keller. While I knew the story of Helen Keller since childhood, since there was a chapter about her in one of my subject books, watching the movie had a deeper impact. I surely admire the work of all those who… Continue reading Thoughts – The Miracle Worker