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Aha Moment # 1

As the title says, this is first of my Aha moments series in which I will share my sudden realizations and reflections in sha Allah. So, gardening hasn't been my thing so far in life.... Though I really love the idea I have had my share of fears to stay back at it... But now… Continue reading Aha Moment # 1

Book Reviews

Allah Knows All About Me – Book Review

"Allah Knows All About Me" is one of Ruqaiya's & my favorite books.  She has had it since she was younger than six months. There are many factors that make it our favorite. First and foremost it is an Islamic board book - that is enough to get it to our favorites list but there… Continue reading Allah Knows All About Me – Book Review

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Loss of a Beloved – MiscarriageĀ 

Bismillah Many have written about it, Muslim and non-Muslim. It is a topic known to many and a pain felt by even more. While the pain may be dealt with or shared with people differently, it's intensity is deep for all that go through it generally. Loosing a child is painful, and the one that… Continue reading Loss of a Beloved – MiscarriageĀ