Dear Pet Owners

Hello Pet Owners, God bless you people for putting in time to care for a creation of God, taking it into your home as a pet and treating him as your family member. Whoever does a good gesture to an animal is like he did it to a human. With that being said, I wanted… Continue reading Dear Pet Owners

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Aha Moment # 1

As the title says, this is first of my Aha moments series in which I will share my sudden realizations and reflections in sha Allah. So, gardening hasn't been my thing so far in life.... Though I really love the idea I have had my share of fears to stay back at it... But now… Continue reading Aha Moment # 1

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Our Home Library

Books! Books! Books! As a mom who is against screen time and wants to homeschool her children books are my biggest tool Alhamdulillah. By the will of ALLAH I have been able to collect a few good ones in past two years for my two little muslimahs. Alhamdulillah many around us have shown interest in… Continue reading Our Home Library