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Panjeeri by Panjeeri Bakery – Product Review

Panjeeri is a mix of dry fruits and other ingredients that is prepared as a healthy snack that can be eaten quickly throughout the day by both genders and all ages. However, panjeeri is more known for its consumption in Indo-Pak region by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Panjeeri is made and sold in variety of… Continue reading Panjeeri by Panjeeri Bakery – Product Review

Product Reviews

Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review

  ***This is a free of cost impartial hijab review*** HIDDEN PEARLS About Owners & Purpose Behind Their Business - The great minds behind this business are two very well educated UK based Muslims, who saw great need in Muslim community for reasonably priced hijab shop/business. They came up with Hidden Pearls in beginning of… Continue reading Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review