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Words of A Horrible Hifdh Student

Hifdh - has been a journey for me, a very long journey. Rarely do I speak about it with anyone other than Zawji and very close friends, the only reason being I do not want to corrupt my intentions by any chance. But today I am going to share some facts with all my readers.....with… Continue reading Words of A Horrible Hifdh Student

Being a Mother, Being a Muslimah

Thoughts – The Miracle Worker

Recently I watched The Miracle Worker movie, which is based on the story of Helen Keller. While I knew the story of Helen Keller since childhood, since there was a chapter about her in one of my subject books, watching the movie had a deeper impact. I surely admire the work of all those who… Continue reading Thoughts – The Miracle Worker

Being a Mother, Being a Muslimah

Loss of a Beloved – MiscarriageĀ 

Bismillah Many have written about it, Muslim and non-Muslim. It is a topic known to many and a pain felt by even more. While the pain may be dealt with or shared with people differently, it's intensity is deep for all that go through it generally. Loosing a child is painful, and the one that… Continue reading Loss of a Beloved – MiscarriageĀ