Being a Mother

Mom Dream

Round table conference right outside of my restroom, where I was fulfilling my dream i.e. taking a shower (Yes, that's the kinda dreams moms of little ones have!) Members of the conference were a toddler who kept voicing her opinion saying: NOOOO... MINEEEEE while holding a toy tightly in her hand; and a baby who… Continue reading Mom Dream

Being a Mother

A Free Morning

I was really tired last night....Fridays are hectic at my place....I just needed a undisturbed sleep.... I needed break....   Alarm rang and I got up to do fajr...and right after that I went back to sleep....I woke up at 10 am shocked how come Ruqaiya didn't call me via her monitor...How come baby Zaynab… Continue reading A Free Morning

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Our Home Library

Books! Books! Books! As a mom who is against screen time and wants to homeschool her children books are my biggest tool Alhamdulillah. By the will of ALLAH I have been able to collect a few good ones in past two years for my two little muslimahs. Alhamdulillah many around us have shown interest in… Continue reading Our Home Library

Being a Mother

Little Muslimahs’ Dress Code

Every little girl is a princess in the palace of her parents' heart and little Muslimahs aren't exception to this. Princesses dress in a royal manner, their clothing is well thought and chosen to fit their status,  but do our little Muslimahs really dress in royal manner? Do we as Muslim parents give enough thought… Continue reading Little Muslimahs’ Dress Code

Being a Mother

Our Journey From Breast-Feeding to Bottle-Feeding

Bismillah. Our Journey = Mine, Zawji's & Ruqaiya's Journey. It was a rough journey but now I feel better and can talk about it alhamdulillah. I am of those who always wanted to breastfeed entire first 2 years of their child's life, as recommended in Islam. But we plan and ALLAH plans and He is… Continue reading Our Journey From Breast-Feeding to Bottle-Feeding