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Under the Ramadan Moon – Ramadan Book Review

Since Ramadan 2017 I have been wanting to start Children's Ramadan Book Review Series and alhamdulillah finally here I am writing the first post of those Series, with hope for many others to come in future in sha ALLAH. "Under the Ramadan Moon" was among the first Ramadan book collection I got for Ruqaiya. She… Continue reading Under the Ramadan Moon – Ramadan Book Review

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Our Home Library

Books! Books! Books! As a mom who is against screen time and wants to homeschool her children books are my biggest tool Alhamdulillah. By the will of ALLAH I have been able to collect a few good ones in past two years for my two little muslimahs. Alhamdulillah many around us have shown interest in… Continue reading Our Home Library

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Panjeeri by Panjeeri Bakery – Product Review

Panjeeri is a mix of dry fruits and other ingredients that is prepared as a healthy snack that can be eaten quickly throughout the day by both genders and all ages. However, panjeeri is more known for its consumption in Indo-Pak region by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Panjeeri is made and sold in variety of… Continue reading Panjeeri by Panjeeri Bakery – Product Review

Product Reviews

Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review

  ***This is a free of cost impartial hijab review*** HIDDEN PEARLS About Owners & Purpose Behind Their Business - The great minds behind this business are two very well educated UK based Muslims, who saw great need in Muslim community for reasonably priced hijab shop/business. They came up with Hidden Pearls in beginning of… Continue reading Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review

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Little Muslimahs’ Dress Code

Every little girl is a princess in the palace of her parents' heart and little Muslimahs aren't exception to this. Princesses dress in a royal manner, their clothing is well thought and chosen to fit their status,  but do our little Muslimahs really dress in royal manner? Do we as Muslim parents give enough thought… Continue reading Little Muslimahs’ Dress Code