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Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review

  ***This is a free of cost impartial hijab review*** HIDDEN PEARLS About Owners & Purpose Behind Their Business - The great minds behind this business are two very well educated UK based Muslims, who saw great need in Muslim community for reasonably priced hijab shop/business. They came up with Hidden Pearls in beginning of… Continue reading Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review

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Words of A Horrible Hifdh Student

Hifdh - has been a journey for me, a very long journey. Rarely do I speak about it with anyone other than Zawji and very close friends, the only reason being I do not want to corrupt my intentions by any chance. But today I am going to share some facts with all my readers.....with… Continue reading Words of A Horrible Hifdh Student

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Little Muslimahs’ Dress Code

Every little girl is a princess in the palace of her parents' heart and little Muslimahs aren't exception to this. Princesses dress in a royal manner, their clothing is well thought and chosen to fit their status,  but do our little Muslimahs really dress in royal manner? Do we as Muslim parents give enough thought… Continue reading Little Muslimahs’ Dress Code

Being a Mother

Our Journey From Breast-Feeding to Bottle-Feeding

Bismillah. Our Journey = Mine, Zawji's & Ruqaiya's Journey. It was a rough journey but now I feel better and can talk about it alhamdulillah. I am of those who always wanted to breastfeed entire first 2 years of their child's life, as recommended in Islam. But we plan and ALLAH plans and He is… Continue reading Our Journey From Breast-Feeding to Bottle-Feeding

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Thoughts – The Miracle Worker

Recently I watched The Miracle Worker movie, which is based on the story of Helen Keller. While I knew the story of Helen Keller since childhood, since there was a chapter about her in one of my subject books, watching the movie had a deeper impact. I surely admire the work of all those who… Continue reading Thoughts – The Miracle Worker