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Mamas Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself oh mamas, From A Mama to Mamas. There are times, and there will be even more times, when you will be late on many tasks, you will mess up a lot, and you will not be able to achieve anything - at that moment let your perfectionist self forgive you. Because if you… Continue reading Mamas Forgive Yourself

Being a Mother

Our Journey From Breast-Feeding to Bottle-Feeding

Bismillah. Our Journey = Mine, Zawji's & Ruqaiya's Journey. It was a rough journey but now I feel better and can talk about it alhamdulillah. I am of those who always wanted to breastfeed entire first 2 years of their child's life, as recommended in Islam. But we plan and ALLAH plans and He is… Continue reading Our Journey From Breast-Feeding to Bottle-Feeding

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Thoughts – The Miracle Worker

Recently I watched The Miracle Worker movie, which is based on the story of Helen Keller. While I knew the story of Helen Keller since childhood, since there was a chapter about her in one of my subject books, watching the movie had a deeper impact. I surely admire the work of all those who… Continue reading Thoughts – The Miracle Worker