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Cactus Hotel – Book Review

Cactus Hotel was one of the books I just ordered from amazon since I was craving something fresh to read to kids and didn’t want animals talking in it :/ It is so hard to find that kinda book. Apparently, many authors think kids want animals to talk :p

Anyway, this book has been one of my kids’ favorite since we got it (kids’ ages are 3 years and under). The picture of the cover itself is a proof of that :D. This book became my favorite when we visited Arizona. Without me even realizing my kids noticed that there were huge catci there which had holes in them and girls together kept saying TAP TAP TAP (I always took my index finger and thumb to make the beak of the bird and did tap tap tap – so that’s what girls were doing in Arizona most of the time). It surely was fun to see them like that alhamdulillah. It is amazing how we can bring so much into our homes and our lives via books Alhamulillah. I am hoping to buy them other books regarding popular stuff in other states of America (in sha ALLAH). Do let me know in comments if you have any suggestions πŸ™‚

That’s our family’s favorite page – when everyone goes TAP TAP TAP…making a beak with their index fingers and thumb

Now…to the actual details of the book:

Title Cactus Hotel

Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson

Illustrated by Megan Lloyd

Total pages are 32 but not all pages have text.

It is a long book for younger kids but surely doesn’t feel too stretchy.

The book is about the life cycle of a giant saguaro cactus and how it is a home for many desert animals. I believe kids of different ages can take lessons from it on various different levels. For older kids, knowing that Cactus is what Arizona is known for and how this plant lives for hundreds of years. While younger kids would learn names of multiple animals such as rat, squirrel (one of the animals Ruqaiya learnt about via this book), jackrabbit, coyote, etc. Kids can also learn how some animals live high up and why they live high up and some live down below. There is a lot that can be taught via this book, or it can be used to simply sit together and read. It surely will be a nice addition to any kid’s home library.


I personally like how the book shows that this one cactus dies but still is benefiting animals that live down below. And how there are still many other cacti doing what this used to do, providing home to the desert dwellers that prefer to live high above.

As an adult, to me it felt like our own life cycle (obviously, I am not hoping to live for 200 years!)…we come…we offer what we can…then we go away but still benefiting some in the form of our legacy….but after we go…..there are others out there that come…that offer what we used to offer…and life goes on. Circle of Life.

The last page has extra beneficial information about Saguaro Cactus that older kids and adults will benefit from.


When it comes to books and children I follow the Mantra

“A torn book or two is a small price to pay for literacy.”

From The Well-Trained Mind

Btw, did I mention how much I like the Illustrations?Β 


You can buy the book here

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9 thoughts on “Cactus Hotel – Book Review”

  1. Love it… my kids love non fictional reality based more than fictions too. It is always nice to find books that kids of different ages can enjoy at the same time.


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