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Grateful Me – Feb 2019

Second post of my Gratitude Diaries is here 😀 Alhamdulillah

To begin with – I am grateful this month to continue this gratitude series. SubhanALLAH it happens so often with us that we start a series and then in the middle just take an infinite break.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am going to stick to specific events/things related to each month in these series – leaving out blessings that I am really grateful for not every month but every single moment of my life alhamdulillah.

Let’s get to what I am grateful for this month:

Started Crawling:

Don’t be mistaken, I am not taking about Zaynab. I am talking about myself. I have started crawling towards my B.Ed degree in IOU university. By the will and help of ALLAH, I have successfully finished the first semester (in which I only took one course). While finish line is very far, but the fact that I have started the journey of my education all over again is really a huge thing for me. #Education

Being Able To Afford To Buy Books:

As minute as it may seem to some, the fact that I could simply go to my online university account, check the books that I need for next semester and simply order them in one click without having to worry how I will pay for them is a huge blessing for me. I still remember how I used to work around buying my college books. (For those that may be interested in IOU, you technically do not need to buy the books since they provide you soft copies but since I prefer hard copies I end up buying whenever I can bidhnillah). #Money

Local Moms Group Got More Organized:

Creating a group is one thing and managing it successfully is totally different. There is a lot of “trying not to hurt anyone while trying to maintain discipline” = stress :p . However, after reading a post which was part of our last month’s gratitude blog hop, I really got excited about the playdates that the sister mentioned and approached her personally to inquire more about how they manage those. Thankfully, when I brought their game plan to our local group, alhamdulillah the sisters willingly agreed to arrange more regular meet ups and divide the work by different people hosting every time. I am really excited about that and hope that it all goes well 😀 #MomCommunity

Essential Oils 1 on 1 class:

As someone trying to slowly but steadily move towards the path of more organic and minimalist lifestyle, the name of essential oils popped up in front of me multiple times. But let’s just be honest, the great brands showed up huge cost which was instantly a shut off for me.

Recently, I discovered that one of our local sisters, Sr. Jessica Yasin, is a huge promoter of Young Living essential oils. Then I was blessed to have a chance to attend a free ONE ON ONE essential oils 101 class with her. She also has a facebook group where she also hosts online classes, in case you would like to join. I plan on dedicating an entire post to this essential oils topic, but for this post lets just say this sister broke the door that I had been trying to keep closed 😀 Alhamdulillah for that. #HealthyLiving

Found My Favorite Watch:

Oh boy, this may sound like materialistic – but trust me it’s not that. I just feel, watch is one of those things that you can’t just grab and wear any or has anything to do with brand name. I feel like it is one of those things that has to go with your personality and style. In 2015, my close friends gifted me a watch that I genuinely loved and rarely removed from my wrist – it felt like it was made for me. Then in Jan 2017, it mistakenly went into my laundry load :'(. After that I was constantly in search of the exact same one and just recently alhamdulillah I found it 😀 #SearchOver

Got Chance To Be Together As A Family:

Lately Zawji has been traveling a lot due to work but alhamdulillah last few days Zawji worked from home. Though he was in his office room mostly and didn’t get chance to spend quality time with us, still having him around was a great. #Family #EveryMinuteCounts

Having Zawji As Parenting Partner:

Every good thing aside, just this one thing alone makes me so grateful to have him as my parenting partner: I legit called him while he was in office busy with his co-workers to simply yell about our kids (pretty much high volume venting) and how I am going insane – I took full 2 minutes to just take it all out. He heard it all patiently and allowed me to end the call when I was done. (I kinda a habit so he knows I call, talk it out, end the call and then deal with kids more calmly alhamdulillah). To some it may be like: what’s the biggy? Oh boy…He LISTENS, He LETS ME FINISH, He UNDERSTANDS, DOESN’T TAKE HIS KIDS’ SIDE, DOESN’T MAKE ME FEEL GUILTY AS A MOM, He is THERE even when he is not there. That there, is a HUGE THING – Alhamdulillah. #ParentingPartner

Lost a Close Friend:

Some incidents happen in life which may be small to us but huge for others and consequently they may choose to end a relationship instead of making it work out. As hurtful as it has been, I am glad that it happened sooner than later. I can see how Allah saved me from getting more hurt. #Friendship 

The sequence is simply based on the order in which things happened in this month.

Ask Zawji:

I asked him: What are you thankful for this month?

He said:

  • Being able to spend two weeks working from home
  • Ruqaiya is comparatively MORE playful with me
  • Zaynab understands when I am angry with her.

Yes, I married a family guy 😀 Alhamdulillah


Sorry for the long post, this month really has been eventful.

What are you grateful for this month, do share with me in comments section 😀



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