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It takes all the dishes from my dining area.

Then it loads itself with all of them and the ones that don’t fit in it or are not supposed to go in it – it simply hand washes them right away so that sink is empty.

Then it starts itself on the perfect setting required.

After the washing cycle is over it unloads all the dishes from itself and puts them all in their designated places in the kitchen. And the dishes that do not come out clean, it hand washes them all before putting them in their designated places.

It does all of this at least 1 or 2 times a day while I keep my feet on my foot stool and watch my favorite Youtube Vlog while sipping a mug of coffee.

This brothers and sisters is MY DISHWASHER according to all the women do not own a dishwasher and all the men who don’t help around the house.

plate-1015609_1920The intend of this post is not to ridicule anyone in any shape or form, but rather to communicate a fact in a humorous manner. For those of us living in west, Alhamdulillah most of us have the facility of dishwasher and other such machines that make doing chores a bit easier for us, since most of us do not have help around the house. However, that in no way means our lives are super easy when it comes to household chores. There is a lot that we do, especially when we have kids in house, but are really not appreciated for and no body even thinks to offer a bit of help.

A task such as unloading dishwasher may seem small to someone, but when it all adds up it is a lot on a woman’s shoulder (lady of the house).

Weather you are a man of the house or a child or any other resident of a household consider it your duty to maintain the house you all reside in together as a family. Offer help around the house as much as you can for the sake of ALLAH = that will also become a source of reward in akhirah for you (in sha ALLAH).


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