Gratitude Diaries

Grateful Me – Jan 2019

I have been wanting to do a series of gratitude posts on monthly basis since such a long time and finally here we are – first one of the series to come in sha ALLAH.

When I sat down with my notebook and pen to jot down what all I am thankful for, alhamdulillah multiple things came to my mind. Some of those are very huge blessings in my life ma sha ALLAH but reality is…I am not thankful for those this January. Rather, I am grateful for them every single moment of my life. And if I was to add them in these series then I will be mentioning them in every single post and I am sure no one wants to read repeated content 😜

So lets get to some that are very specific to this month of 2019. The ones I will surely remember as major events this month or at least would want to remember.

Debt-Free Me:

As much as we live in a Credit Card world, I have always tried to stay debt free alhamdulillah. However, there are some life changing events that throw totally unexpected situations our way that are totally above and beyond our control. One of such events took place in Jan 2017, my gall bladder surgery, that left me with $10,000+ debt. Long story short, by the will of ALLAH I was able to pay it all off by this 10 Jan, 2019 Alhamdulillah. Seeing the new statement with 0 on it felt so soothing alhamdulillah. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I can die peacefully now when my time comes.

May ALLAH protect us all from evil of debt and help all of us pay off our debts soon (aameen).

Got A Companion:

This month Ruqaiya has shown huge progress in terms of speech alhamdulillah and as a result I am blessed with a companion who cares for me, who notices my pains even when they go unnoticed by my husband. Ruqaiya’s questions full of love and care are making such a huge difference in my life that I had never expected, e.g. “is your head hurting?”,”are you upset?” and “did it hurt? let me kiss you❤.” With our husbands being busy with work, many of us stay at home moms feel so lonely many times in a day. Wherein we need someone to talk to or have a day to day routine conversations, not just the long calls with friends. Thankfully as Ruqaiya is growing I have someone to communicate with even when hubby is not around. Someone I am comfortable around, love a lot and feel cozy with. This means a lot to me alhamdulillah.

May ALLAH bless her with best in this duniya and akhirah (aameen).


The dropping temperature of Illinois has obliged me to appreciate the overall warmth we are blessed with. Which includes multiple factors: closed homes, central heating systems that are working well, home delivery of groceries (thanks to Amazon Prime Now and Walmart), hot water, gas, and warm clothing. As much as I am thankful for all of it, I can’t stop thinking about those that are out there for one reason or the other.

May ALLAH keep us all safe and healthy in this critical weather and save us from it being an Azaab for us (aameen).

Ask Zawji

What are you thankful for this month? (I asked him to answer quickly and tell whatever comes in his head in first 2 minutes)

He said: Your Lahori Mutton Karahi that you have added into your regular recipes & the proper sleep I got this Friday night. 🤣

Don’t judge him hehehe- He has been working a lot lately 😢


Is there anything specific that you are grateful for this month? Do share with me 💕

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