Dear Pet Owners

Hello Pet Owners,

God bless you people for putting in time to care for a creation of God, taking it into your home as a pet and treating him as your family member. Whoever does a good gesture to an animal is like he did it to a human.

With that being said, I wanted to address an issue as a mom of two little children and a neighbor of someone who has a dog. There have been quiet a few incidents when my neighbor lets her dog out in her backyard after few minutes of my kids going into our backyard. Though there is a transparent fence, the loud barking of a big dog while directly coming towards my kids (and just not able to due to the fence) is really leaving me no choice but to stop my kids from going to the backyard. hiding-1209131_1920Due to a similar incident yesterday, while my daughter was minding her own business playing with snow, my 2 years old has been frequently saying “mama no going in snow, there is dog barking loudly at me, and I cry I am scared.” And that is kinda heart breaking for me as a mom, I want my child to be able to go and play – we pay rent for the backyard of the house as well!


So what am I trying to say?

All I want to say to all those who own dogs or even for that matter any other pet, there are some legal responsibilities and there are some moral ones too. I do not know what exactly are legal responsibilities, and I surely do not want to fight over such a matter as a busy mom. However, as citizens of a neighborhood we should be mindful of how our actions and those of our household are impacting others around us.

I suppose it is not easy to calm down a loud barking dog, but may be one can just keep him inside like usual while neighborhood kids are playing, especially when one knows he barks at them continuously.Β  Just a thought with utmost respect πŸ™‚

Some times it is no one’s fault, but we do need a solution. I cannot change my neighbor or her dealings with situations but I can try to spread the word around in case it helps solving someone else’s situation πŸ™‚

Any advise for me as a mom in such a situation would be appreciated as well, other than talking to the neighbor – she sounds quiet rude based on her “shut up” to the dog and I really do not want a fight/argument over this.


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