My Poetry

Blogging Mom Struggle

I have so much to say
but no words stay with me.
They come at the most demanding hours,
between feeding kids or cleaning kitchen.
By the time I reach to a pen
they fly away like butterflies…

In the midst of being a mom and wife,
I am trying not to loose me.
A cup of coffee and some self learning
keeps me growing as me.
Or rather saves me from dying 
because I genuinely love me…

Loving me doesn’t mean I am
any less of wife or mom.
Caring for me, feeding the artist within me,
saves the soul
that is needed to be a wife and mom.
To upbring little individuals I need
to save the one within me.

∼ Umm Ruqaiya ∼

On 26 Oct 2018


12 thoughts on “Blogging Mom Struggle”

  1. I always try to take some time for myself, it’s really not easy being a mum of 3 small ones, and having to manage the household and a business, I really love and appreciate your poem,

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