My Poetry

Blogging Mom Struggle

I have so much to say
but no words stay with me.
They come at the most demanding hours,
between feeding kids or cleaning kitchen.
By the time I reach to a pen
they fly away like butterflies…

In the midst of being a mom and wife,
I am trying not to loose me.
A cup of coffee and some self learning
keeps me growing as me.
Or rather saves me from dying 
because I genuinely love me…

Loving me doesn’t mean I am
any less of wife or mom.
Caring for me, feeding the artist within me,
saves the soul
that is needed to be a wife and mom.
To upbring little individuals I need
to save the one within me.

∼ Umm Ruqaiya ∼

On 26 Oct 2018


13 thoughts on “Blogging Mom Struggle”

  1. I always try to take some time for myself, it’s really not easy being a mum of 3 small ones, and having to manage the household and a business, I really love and appreciate your poem,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jazakillahu khair sister 🙂

      Yeah, none of us are “the only one”… But when we choose to not address such topics then everyone feels like they are “the only one” and hence wondering if it’s something they are doing wrong and consequently feel guilty….


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