Being a Mother

Mom Dream

Round table conference right outside of my restroom, where I was fulfilling my dream i.e. taking a shower (Yes, that’s the kinda dreams moms of little ones have!)

Members of the conference were a toddler who kept voicing her opinion saying: NOOOO… MINEEEEE while holding a toy tightly in her hand; and a baby who unable to voice her opinion was yelling MAAAA MAAAA… MAAAAAA MAAAAAAA.

I continued to fulfill my dream….I needed it….



It is moments like this that bring smile on my face 🙂

Intent of this post is just to share with everyone a beautiful moment of my life ma sha ALLAH and also give a reminder. Many of us are on our own when it comes to taking care of our kids. Only way to stay sane is to take things easy on ourselves.

Some times it is OKAY for kids’ breakfast to be delayed a bit if you want to treat yourself with a long awaited long hot shower filled with scents we love and in turn provide them a SMILING HAPPY MOMMY 😀

Speaking as a stay at home mom, our entire day revolves around our kids, husband and house so if out of 24 hours you give yourself 30 mins or an hour don’t feel bad about it. You deserve it and they deserve it too. They deserve a mother who is content, happy and feels accomplished as opposed to a mom who is always frustrated, angry and depressed.

What is your mom dream?

Something you want to treat yourself with, may be a small thing for others but you just haven’t been able to get chance to treat yourself with it?

Is it undisturbed discussion along with a hot cup of coffee with a friend? or reading a book that you bought eagerly? or watching your favorite show? or painting? what is it?

Think about it, mark a date and deadline in the calendar before which you would do it and…..

Share with us 😀


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