Being a Mother

A Free Morning

I was really tired last night….Fridays are hectic at my place….I just needed a undisturbed sleep…. I needed break….


hurry-2119711_1920Alarm rang and I got up to do fajr…and right after that I went back to sleep….I woke up at 10 am shocked how come Ruqaiya didn’t call me via her monitor…How come baby Zaynab didn’t wake up for nursing…..I must be in deep sleep…

I checked the monitor, Ruqaiya is not in her room….I got up to see Zaynab and she wasn’t in her bassinet either….what did just happen? Did zawji take them? He must be upset that I woke up so late and he had to take care of kids. I rushed to the living room to apologize for getting up so late…..I genuinely was worried that he will be upset…..and there I see him in kitchen getting cereals out for all of us….I apologized but he was like for what? I said that I woke up late….He said it’s okay no worries….I said you had to take care of kids….He said I was awake anyway so why not they are my kids too…..

I was SURPRISED….kids were happy content relaxed…..Ruqaiya used restroom, had her face wash, teeth brushed, changed to her day clothes, had her hair done…..Zaynab’s diaper was changed, she was in morning clothing, and she was content playing in living room….and Zawji was not upset that he had to take care of kids and couldn’t do his things….and he was serving us breakfast….


MAMA MAMA POO POO – Ruqaiya was crying and telling me that she did poo via monitor…..

I woke up and rushed to her room…..then motherhood continued and my dream ended…..

Moms don’t get offs….even on weekends….at least in the part of world I live.

This post does not mean that I do not love my kids. I am sure we all moms do….they are blessings in our lives and we can’t imagine our lives without them….but just like dads we would appreciate some break too – when we don’t have to worry that we have to do anything because even if we do get mini-breaks our list of chores yells at the back of our minds. This post also isn’t me venting, rather a message for everyone, if you really care for a mom of young kids give her a relaxed day (free of chores/tasks/anything) or at least a morning. She will really appreciate it 🙂


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