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Under the Ramadan Moon – Ramadan Book Review

Since Ramadan 2017 I have been wanting to start Children’s Ramadan Book Review Series and alhamdulillah finally here I am writing the first post of those Series, with hope for many others to come in future in sha ALLAH.

“Under the Ramadan Moon” was among the first Ramadan book collection I got for Ruqaiya. She has it since she was 11 months old, and from day one till today she likes this book. Even us as parents like this book. It is an easy to read and a quick read book (that MATTERS as a mom of two under two!). We have memories attached with this book now bidhnillah. Such as when I read this book to Ruqaiya and Zawji is around he repeats with us “Under the Ramadan Moon” and then we all together say Under the Ramadan Moooon 😀

^^^ That was some of the story about this book with our family :p

Let’s get to the real talks now….

Title: Under the Ramadan Moon

Author: Sylvia Whitman

Illustrator: Sue Williams

Published by Albert Whitman & Company, Chicago, Illinois in 2008


It is a paper book with big and good quality pages. There are total 24 pages. The first two pages are title and information page and the last page is “About Ramadan” page filled with information about Ramadan.

For several reasons this is a good first Ramadan book for younger children like Ruqaiya, such as: there isn’t much text so we are really not testing our child’s patience :p + text is on every other page leaving a full page between text for illustrations + there is a lot of repetition and rhyming so smaller children catch the words and remember very well. Ruqaiya learnt “moon” through this book 🙂


Now let’s come to illustrations, if you have read any of my other book reviews you would know I really emphasize on what the illustrator shows our children alhamdulillah. In this book you would see illustrations which are filled with details such as a fallen apple, bird on the open window, etc. Ruqaiya used to point on objects to ask me what they are called and now she says names of those objects herself alhamdulillah 🙂 The illustrations revolve primarily around a modern family of four; parents, a son and a daughter. You will see mom wearing shorts and tight pants, etc, just in case that matters to you. The pages are full of eye catching colors for children as well as adults.

In short, it is a sweet and simple book.

If interested you can buy this book here.

If you found this review helpful then kindly answer the questions below:

  • What’s your favorite Ramadan book for children?
  • Is there any specific Islamic Children’s Book that you would like me to review?

Waiting for your answers 😀


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