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Our Home Library

Books! Books! Books!

As a mom who is against screen time and wants to homeschool her children books are my biggest tool Alhamdulillah. By the will of ALLAH I have been able to collect a few good ones in past two years for my two little muslimahs. Alhamdulillah many around us have shown interest in my little girls’ little home library and requested to share the list of books we have with them. In hope to benefit bigger audience I am sharing the list of books we currently have in our home for my toddler and infant along with the links of where you can get those (hopefully in sha ALLAH). Many of the Islamic books we bought from an Islamic book store in Makkah but you can buy those online too, will post the links in sha ALLAH.

(I’ll update this post as the books increase in our home library in sha ALLAH)

Bismillah here is the list:

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson See and Say Board Book
Baby Faces Peekaboo!
Eyes, Nose, Toes Peekaboo! (DK Peakaboo)
Simple first words:

Noisy farm – touch and feel sound book
All about me DK
Baby touch and feel animals DK
First 100 words board book priddy books
Numbers colors shapes by priddy baby
Manners time
Words are not for hurting
Noses are not for picking
Hands are not for hitting
Hands Can – cheryl willis hudson
My big animal book by roger priddy
Thank You God for Daddy by Amy Parker
I am a big sister scholastic caroline jayne church
I am a big sister by Joanna Cole and Rosalinda Kightley
Girls potty time by DK
Montessori letter work
Colors – english urdu by milet
Home – English Arabic by milet
Lost and found cat

National geographic kids: look and learn:

Islamic Books

The way to jannah Yasmin Mussa
Allah knows all about me Yasmin Mussa
I can make dua anywhere
I can pray anywhere
I can read the Quran almost anywhere
I can say bismillah anywhere
Stairway to heaven – Assalamu alaikum book 6
Stairway to heaven – Alhamdulillah book 5
Mommy’s khimar
Lets think about… Allah’s Great Garden
Let’s think about… Allah’s animal planet
Adam to Zamzam
Alif Baa Taa by Asma wahab designed by Nadia Afghani
Quran and Seerah stories
Just for kids quran stories
A to Z of akhlaaq goodword books
Allah’s Beautiful Gardens (A Collection of Poems for Children)

Akhlaq building for kids series

Ramadan Books

Under the ramadan moon
Rashad ramadan and eid al fitr
Lets celebrate ramadan and eid
It’s Ramadan curious George
Lailah’s Lunchbox

May ALLAH put barakah in our home libraries and also bless our children with desire to learn more beneficial knowledge aameen.


9 thoughts on “Our Home Library”

  1. This a great list Masha’Allah! We have some of these as well. I really liked the akhlaq series, i need to look into it. Jazakallah Khayr for sharing sister ❤


  2. Masha’Allah, not just stories but many educational books for learning! We just moved overseas and had to greatly reduce our home library, so we are definitely looking to build it back up. Thank you for sharing your list for inspiration!


  3. Thank you for sharing the book list you utilize for tarbiyah of your children ma sha Allah. You are really inspiring and indeed reading books is useful, and better than other forms of entertainment


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