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Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review


***This is a free of cost impartial hijab review***


About Owners & Purpose Behind Their Business – The great minds behind this business are two very well educated UK based Muslims, who saw great need in Muslim community for reasonably priced hijab shop/business. They came up with Hidden Pearls in beginning of 2015. Their purpose is to make beautiful hijabs affordable for our Muslim sisters.

Their website has twelve types of hijabs (which are usually imported from Turkey, Dubai, China & Italy) such as Chiffon, Jersey, Shimmer, Chic, etc. and many options under each type! And that is not it, their website is loaded with variety of items to make your hijabi self ready to go for any occasion as in hijab pins, underscarves, etc. I also like their Islamic gift boxes collection. Their website is also well organized and easy to look through.

img_2149.jpgShipping & Packaging – The company is UK based but they provide international shipping as well at a cost. The hijabs reached me in U.S. from UK in about 10 days approx. As for the packaging (how can I not talk about it?), I am impressed. When I opened the package there was a hand written Thank You card waiting for me and both the hijab bags had beautiful but slightly different stickers. As a small business owner myself, I understand how much thought is put into the branding and packaging. The card and stickers left image of the brand in my head without it looking over whelming.

Hijabs – Review

The two hijabs I chose from their huge collection for the purpose of this review (it was a tough decision to make!) were Jersey Plain Hijab in Red and Shimmer Hijab in Rose Pink. Though I received these for free, to be very honest their prices are very reasonable. The Jersey hijab comes down to be $7.93 & Shimmer one for $5.95, without sale. A close picture of both of the hijabs to give you idea of the fabrics.


Jersey Plain Hijab –  Fabric: 100% Lycra. It is simple yet elegant hijab, which makes it good for daily wear as well as for some special occasion. The hijab is made in Dubai. I am impressed by its size because usually whenever I see any hijab in reasonable price it tends to be pretty small when it comes to width (which means it does not even reach to one’s chest), which is not the case with this one. The hijab measures 180 cm by 110 cm. The fabric is neither too thick nor too thin, just the right thickness of fabric wherein it is not going to make you hot but is also not see through. The hijab feels soft against the skin. I simply love this one.

Shimmer Hijab – Fabric: 100% Viscose. I requested this one in a unique color that is Rose Pink.  The hijab has shimmery look in a very modest way. It feels just the right hijab for special occasions for young girls as well as adult sisters. It is not too glittery that adult sisters would feel weird wearing it. It is a bit thin though, wrapping carefully would be needed to make sure neck doesn’t show.

Note: I have not washed these hijabs so I do not know how they would stand a wash.

If I was to give any suggestion to the owners it would be to add measurements of each item listed in the details.


During the Black Friday season they are offering 50% off everything on their site – mark the dates: 24th Nov 2017 to 27 Nov 2017. 


The owners have graciously given 15% discount code for my readers – the code is Ruqaiya15, however this coupon will NOT work during their Black Friday sale (which is mentioned above).

So if you have missed their Black Friday sale you can still save with this code 🙂

Don’t forget to check their website.




12 thoughts on “Hidden Pearls Hijabs – Product Review”

  1. The Hiijabs look lovely! Love the colour and seems like they are good quality too. Love that you can get such a variety these days


  2. A sister can never have enough hijabs. And the jersey hijabs are currently my favourite. They keep me nice and warm during winter. I love that they sell them at a good price.


  3. I love to find new hijab stores to support! 🙂 I always buy hijabs several at a time and end up wearing the same one over and over. I’m a wrap and go girl. Anything that requires pins and things to stay in place isn’t for me. These two scarves are right up my alley! Thanks for the detailed review.


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