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Allah Knows All About Me – Book Review

“Allah Knows All About Me” is one of Ruqaiya’s & my favorite books.  She has had it since she was younger than six months. There are many factors that make it our favorite. First and foremost it is an Islamic board book – that is enough to get it to our favorites list but there is more to this book than that. However, let me start off by first giving some basic information about the book.

At the back of the book it is mentioned that this book has been adapted by Yasmin Mussa from the book “God Knows All About Me” by Kate Toms with special permission from original publishers. Make Believe Ideas Ltd. Illustrations, typesetting and layout commissioned by the Learning Roots. kaam_3D_grande

The quality and size of of this board book is very good. It is not like those cheap board books whose pages can easily get twisted in seconds by a toddler, which is a factor to keep in mind when buying a book for young ones. There are total 24 pages in this book which are filled with beautiful colors.

I personally prefer real images over illustrations but I have to admit in this book I wouldn’t ask for anything to be changed. I love it as it is. The illustrator has done an incredible work in creating cute faceless illustrations. Just so that you know, I am of those who are in favor of faceless illustrations/images i.e. faces without face features. Also, all the kids in the book are wearing full clothing…..Alhamdulillah!

IMG_1856Along with all the above mentioned pros of this book, it has a great lesson which we all must instill in the little hearts and minds of our children since very young age. The lesson is very clear from the title i.e. “Allah Knows All About Me,” but the way it is presented is heart touching for even an adult. It is simple but reaches to the heart. Trust me, I have once personally cried while reading this book to my daughter because I was going through so much trouble in life and then being reminded that Allah knows in such a way really helped me.

Also, at the end of the book it says “With His love and His care, Allah will always be there” which is the correct Aqeedah, as opposed to Allah is everywhere which is believed by some people. It is very important to introduce Islamic books to our children that have right information, no matter what level they are at.

I recommend all the moms to add this to their young children’s library. In my humble opinion it is a must have book. If interested you can buy this book either from amazon or learning roots actual website.

I would genuinely love to get more books like this for my daughter, but subhanALLAH Learning Roots only has two board books for small kids (I will review another one in some time in sha ALLAH).

Reading tips: IMG_1854

I personally touch the body parts of Ruqaiya when they are mentioned in the book. For example, when it say “fingers” I hold her fingers and when it says “nose” I touch her nose. IMG_1855

Also, it is a good idea to change your voice tone to make the reading even more engaging. For instance, when it says “whisper” I say that line whispering and when it says “shout” I say that line slightly louder.

Above all, I put extra emphasis on making her sit on my lap or really close while reading a book to her and that really increases her love for books and our mama-baby bond Alhamdulillah. Ma sha ALLAH la quwwat illa billah.


12 thoughts on “Allah Knows All About Me – Book Review”

  1. Touching the body parts and explaining would have definitely made it easier for the child to remember. I do the same when I teach my son.


  2. Very detailed review for anyone who wishes to buy the book. I especially liked the reading tips part. And the idea is so much needed teaching. Seems perfect fit in for a kids bookshelf.


  3. For a long time, I was looking for Islamic Board books for my 2 y ear old. Came across a few online but couldn’t source them locally. this looks like a wonderful books for our young ones. Thanks for sharing such a nice review.


  4. We love this book! The kids actually act it out as we go and we bought it when it was first released, so the kids have little frames that say ALLAH KNOWS ALL ABOUT (NAME), they’re personalised and we have them up in their wardrobes that they open tons of times a day, so they’re reminded of Allah’s watchfulness over them and His love for them.


    1. Ma sha Allah. I saw such frame somewhere in someone’s youtube vlog some time back and have been thinking to make for Ruqaiya but haven’t gotten time to. Would you like to share yours on your blog that people like me can simply edit (to add our children’s names) and use? 🙂


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