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Thoughts – The Miracle Worker

Recently I watched The Miracle Worker movie, which is based on the story of Helen Keller. While I knew the story of Helen Keller since childhood, since there was a chapter about her in one of my subject books, watching the movie had a deeper impact. I surely admire the work of all those who worked to create this great movie, free from so many dirty things that define movies nowadays.

* I do not think it is wise for me to write her entire story here, so I will share supportive links in the end in case you want to learn about her.

In this post, I am going to simply share with you all my feelings and thoughts after watching the movie. Which can be split as a mother’s thought, a woman’s realization, a teacher’s motivation & a human’s contemplation. I genuinely feel I can write a separate post on each of these. But due to lack of time in my hand and realization that if I do not do it today, it would never happen, I am going to keep it as simple and short as I can. Let’s start 😊

A Mother’s Thought:

It is amazing how most of us wait for our children to first “speak,” then start learning. Helen Keller learnt to speak as a deaf and blind child. Her learning started before her speaking, which is exactly how it is in even the case of normal healthy children. They start learning way before they can speak but most of us delay their learning and waste first few precious years of their lives for our convenience.

child-2205449_1920Today’s problem is that most parents treat their children like animals until they are able to speak. They associate being able to learn with being able to speak. While there is an association, there is not necessarily a dependence. I am not asking to expect our children to act like adults, because they are children and they have limitations. But it doesn’t mean they have no capabilities to act like “humans” from get go. A simple example would be of a mother who doesn’t even bother explaining her child to not throw things on the floor in anger because she believes the child is incapable of understanding because he/she doesn’t speak yet. I have personally encountered such people, and it is frustrating.

For our children and others, we need to stand up for early childhood education. We need to take benefit of these early years of precious little souls.

“I don’t expect kids to act like adults, I expect parents to treat them like humans.” – Umm Ruqaiya


A Woman’s Realization:

book-1421097_1920Helen’s disabilities didn’t stop her from learning and finishing her B.A. and becoming an equal rights advocate. So what excuse do we have for stopping our learning? I don’t associate learning with degrees. Degrees do give a title to our learning though. As soon as we become mothers, many of us shut the doors of knowledge on ourselves blaming our precious little bundles of joy directly or indirectly. The reality is, regardless of the thousand excuses we give, we all moms CAN and HAVE TO continue our efforts to learn more and more and gain beneficial knowledge, even if it doesn’t get any title. Goal is to become better individuals with every passing day.


A Teacher’s Motivation:

Time has changed, it is no longer how it was when I was a child when teachers used to be respected by children and parents. Nowadays, they are treated like paid servants. How unfortunate is that?! Very!

brotherhood-2173097_1920Helen’s survival and living a “human” life can hugely be credited to her teacher’s effort. Her love for Helen was her huge. And I could totally relate to that, that is what I seek whenever I teach. That is the kind of bond that is needed between teachers and students. To achieve that kind of bond, it is very necessary that “one on one” teaching is encouraged as much as possible, numbers of students in a class should be decreased so that a teacher is able to bond with them on a personal level, and parents need to respect and give authority to teachers and step back when they ask them to do so.


A Human’s Contemplation:

We are ungrateful souls. It brings such a sense of gratefulness to see someone go through so much to get those things which we define as “basics.” The ability to hear, see, talk, etc. are all so taken for granted by most of us. Even my ability to be able to write and express my thoughts is rarely appreciated by my own self. ALLAH has given us so much in such an easy way, without us even asking, yet we focus on all the things we do not have in our lives. I feel we should be around people who have less than us so that we become more grateful slaves of ALLAH. Helping in special children’s school would be a good idea, just saying.



Helen Keller:

A video of Helen Keller speaking:




8 thoughts on “Thoughts – The Miracle Worker”

  1. Thank you for writing this very useful article. We learn new things everyday (Even before actually speaking)! There are so many talented women around us, that we should really keep an eye out!


  2. I must admit I have never come across this or thought this: Today’s problem is that most parents treat their children like animals until they are able to speak.
    Nor have I personally come across parents who think their children can’t understand because they can’t speak.
    I must be missing all this and living in my own little bubble!
    But you are right…even if they can’t speak they do understand a lot. Helen sounds amazing and yes…alot of us are ungrateful!


    1. Thank you for stopping by.

      The thought is deep in the brain, I doubt if those parents themselves recognize it. And because it is a very harsh reality, I doubt any parent would ever agree that this is what they do.

      Once I told a sister to at the very least say no to her child for the aggressive behavior she has for her own sake and the reply was that it is of no use, I am waiting till she is 3 or 4 and that is when they start speaking and understanding what we want them to do before that it is of no use. And for obvious reasons, I stayed quiet.


  3. Thank you for the links. As a teacher, I agree with a lot of what you are saying. Parents these days really do not give their young (under 3 years) the credit they deserve. I work with young toddlers, and yes, they are little human beings. 🙂


  4. JazakiAllahu khair for sharing this beautiful review! You brought many things to light, things we normally neglect! Great writing!


  5. A very thought provoking post.Thank You. Sad how so many of us can be ungrateful, about time we realise we need to say #ALHAMDULLILAH for every little gift Allah has bestowed upon us. Thank you for those links as well.


  6. Very good article. As a Speech and Language Therapist I know that children are learning from birth. It also pains me to see parents neglect their young children’s need for learning. Learning can be so fun in the early years. Parents really should be making the most of it! #MuslimahBloggers


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