My Poetry

Answers to all the “Why?”

This is a reply to the poem of a fellow Muslimah blogger.


You ask the questions on behalf of all,
I will try to answer some or all.

Life is bound to be hard,
For the road to Jannah is not of pearls.

As for people, they have forgotten their source,
Dirt is what we all came from after all.

Hurt you are, for you let them hurt you,
Boundaries need to be set to protect you.

Whose help do we need when He is there to help me and you?
Comfort is in Him for me and you.

Let the soul lie on the lap of the Lord,
Tears will be wiped and peace will reach the soul.

Their fights are their matter,
Your rights are duties of others.

The death shall approach you when your time has arrived,
Till then you have to strive and strive.

My knowledge is less but my believe in Him is strong,
Trust Him, He will give you peace in the darkest of nights.

— Umm Ruqaiya —



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