Being a Mother, Notes

House Rules

Recently, I heard a short lecture by Dr. Farhat Hashmi in which she shared with us 21 House Rules that were suggested by Dr. Abdul Kareem Waqar, who is from Sham, in one of his written works. The lecture was in Urdu language and as I found the rules to be wise and beneficial, I decided to share these with my readers in English bidhnillah.

Dr Farhat Hashmi started off by explaining why we should have house rules to begin with. She explained that just like a country or an organization even homes need some sort of a system. Parents shouldn’t wait for schools to make their kids better humans, they need to fulfill this duty themselves. And for that it will be beneficial if parents keep some simple rules at home that make kids responsible individuals. The rules suggested by Dr. Abdul Kareem are as follow:

1. Every individual prays Salah on time.
2. Everybody should use “please” and “thank you.”
3. No beating, cursing, etc. will be used in home. No foul language at home.
4. Communicate your thoughts and wishes “clearly” & “respectfully”.
5. Anybody who opens anything will close it too, if something spills clean it yourself, leave a place cleaner than it was before you came.
6. Everyone’s room is his own responsibility with regards to cleaning, organizing, etc.
7. Listen to the speaking person, don’t cut off someone.
8. Say salam when entering or/and leaving home.
9. Every individual should read specific portion of Qu’ran daily (e.g. 1 page or more).
10. Guests should abide to the house rules during their visit or stay.
11. No one will eat anything in bedrooms.
12. At night, no one will stay awake after certain time.
13. Limit time for usage of smart phones and devices. Specific time.
14. Standing up for parents, kissing parents hands and/or forehead should be done daily.
15. When sitting together devices should not be allowed.
16. Everyone should eat together.
17. At night, not even education will be allowed after certain time at night.
18. Everyone is responsible for everything at home. If water is leaking, don’t leave it for someone else.
19. Everyone does their own chore themselves, but the heads of the family (i.e. parents) can ask others to do their tasks.
20. Family comes first.
21. Enter rooms after knocking only.

May ALLAH put barakah in our homes and help us make wise decisions at the right time. (aameen)



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