My Poetry

Ummi’s Heartbeat

Ain’t no mattress like Ummi,
It’s on her that I get the best sleep.
Her smell gives me assurance of security,
As for her warmth, it lets not cold reach me.
For me, world’s best lullaby is Ummi’s heart beat.
The best of it all is when I wake up,
She is the first one I see.

Written By Umm Ruqaiya


Wrote it while Ruqaiya was resting on me.

Beautiful Memories.

May ALLAH give her best in this Duniya and Akhirah (aameen).


3 thoughts on “Ummi’s Heartbeat”

  1. I have two toddlers and each sleep on my each arm lol 😂 i know its high time they should learn sleeping independently flr everyones sake but you know, their warmth and their loving touch nd their hugs and sweet kisses – as they are gently tucked to sleep is so nurturing for my own self that i want to co sleeping for a bit longer myself 🙂 so 4 of us sleep in our queen siZe bed 😉


    1. Ma sha Allah 🙂 I totally feel u on that. Ruqaiya sleeps in her cribs at night but during afternoon nap she sleeps with me or on me (mostly on me 😀 alhamdulillah) – and trust me I really look forward to her afternoon nap 🙂 alhamdulillah

      May Allah make our kids of mutaqqun aameen

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