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Pre-Ramadan Preparation for Moms

Still far yet so close is Ramadan again….we will set goals again this year and plan again with hopes….but will we succeed this time? Yes we will (in sha Allah), if we set realistic goals and plan well. This blog post is a tiny effort from my part to help you prepare for Ramadan well and succeed in making this your best Ramadan so far (in sha ALLAH). Without wasting much time, let’s dive into the few points that I want to share šŸ™‚

Ramadan Preparation

  • Ramadan is a month of Fasting. So start off by preparing your body to fast in Ramadan by Fasting in Shaban (non-obligatory fasts). (I recommend women to make up their missed obligatory fasts, if any).
  • Before you begin to do anything for Ramadan first finish off or sort out all your current projectsĀ so that your mind is off of those during Ramadan. These can home projects like getting kitchen organized or work or education related.
  • Once done with current projects start working for Ramadan. Set realistic goalsĀ for Ramadan. As a sample guide you can give a look at my Ramadan Goals.
  • If you give out Zakat in Ramadan then have your Zakat amount calculated and set aside.
  • Have a daily to do list or some sort of time management plan for Ramadan.Ā If you are of those who like to-do lists then Glided Duniya’s Ramadan To Do listĀ is a very good option to consider, I plan to use that this year (in sha ALLAH) I personally like it because it is simple and realistic. By the way, she has a to do list for little one’s too – isn’t it exciting? šŸ™‚
  • Stock on grocery items for RamadanĀ meals (and/or iftars if you plan to host any) – except the items which you would want fresh.
  • Set plan for any iftar get-together/s if you plan on hosting or attending. Don’t plan to just go with the flow, you’ll end up spending your Ramadan with people instead of Allah.

Ramadan is a month of Quran, not food.

  • Stock on home cooked frozen foodĀ to make your life easy on days when you are not feeling well or need help.
  • Gather some easy quick recipes for tiring and busy days of Ramadan. Check out my Kitchen Diaries section where I plan to share my favorite recipes – trust me I also prefer quick but delicious cooking šŸ˜€

Eid Preparation Pre-Ramadan

Why do Eid Preparation Pre-Ramadan?

Because you do not want to waste important Ramadan moments doing things which could be done now itself.

  • Check off major house cleaning from your list before Ramadan itself, so that during Ramadan you only have to maintain the house to have clean home on Eid (in sha Allah).
  • If you give or send out Eid gifts or goodies to family or friends or neighbors then buy and pack Eid gifts and prepare the goodies in advance. For custom Ramadan or Eid gift check out ETSY. You can also give a look at Khadijah Inspired for reasonably priced gift items with free shipping (it is my shop).
  • Whether you plan to wear new clothes or old, have Eid clothes ready and set aside.Ā If you plan on wearing something that is in your daily use then just have it decided what you will wear, instead of wondering a night before Eid.
  • Make a to-do list for Eid PreparationĀ that needs to be done in RamadanĀ (I’ll try to share mine soon).
  • Make Eid grocery list.