My Poetry


There was silence yet, I could hear a voice,
Constantly requesting me to give an ear to it,
It was just so peaceful and calm,
Even the small bones in ear felt that moment.

There was no one yet I felt a touch,
Whole body felt like being massaged,
Each bone requested to have it more,
While skin felt just so new born.

The eyes felt that peaceful moment,
Captured the nature in my brain,
It all came in and sinked in my soul,
The soul started to sing “I love it all”.

I thought I was in my partner’s arms,
That’s how peaceful it was,
But the senses said I was all alone,
With all that my Lord created alone.

I was walking on green skin clothed with snow,
The air was the one massaging me all around,
The trees and sky talked with me in a silent tone,
It was the moment when I felt I was gone.

Written by Umm Ruqaiya – 30 Jan 2014.


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